Caregiver Qualifications

24/7 Caregivers provides full training to ensure caregivers meet all state established training standards.

Standards Compliance

Training and certification standards vary by state. Some states have no established standards while others require caregivers to attend ongoing instructional training with mandatory testing.

Because 24/7 Caregivers places a priority on the safety and care of our patients, we ensure our caregivers receive full training and testing to meet the most stringent established state standards.

Compulsory Skills Requirements

  • Development of care plans
  • Personal care and toileting
  • Adaptive equipment for transfers
  • Basic hygiene and infection control
  • Menu preparation, cooking, and housekeeping
  • Home care safety precautions
  • Development of emergency action plans
  • First aid and emergency procedures
  • Abuse and neglect prevention

Standards of Character

24/7 Caregivers recognizes that meeting mandatory skills requirements merely provides the tools to perform the duties of a caregiver. To be truly competent, a caregiver must also possess certain standards of character.

Based on this belief, 24/7 Caregivers also ensures every caregiver meets our standards of character for the following personality traits.

  • Personal confidentiality
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Written and verbal communications
  • Strong observation skills
  • Time management and organization

Medical Services

Caregivers are not trained to provide medical care beyond basic first aid. Caregivers can not perform professional medical tasks such as providing treatment for wounds, pressure sores, or administering IV medication.

For patients who require the services of a trained medical professional, a home care nurse may be dispatched or scheduled for regular visits to assist the caregiver.

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