Caregiver Security

When caregiver Jennifer Lintzen was arrested, everyone was surprised. A relative of family friends, they didn't do a background check or have her bonded.

Jennifer Lintzen explained her sudden wealth to family members of the cancer victim she cared for by claiming she had been very lucky at the casino. Her luck ran out when police charged her with 23 counts of forgery and one count of theft greater than $25,000.

A Matter of Trust

Because of the nature of their work, caregivers are in a position of trust and often given a great deal of control over their patient's affairs; handling purchases, bill payment, and banking. When proper precautions are ignored, an unworthy caregiver may take advantage of the situation.

Background Checks

Background checks have become a standard part of employee screening, especially for positions of higher responsibility or trust. A background check will usually include past employment verification, credit history, and criminal history.

24/7 Caregivers obtains a third-party background check on all applicants to verify their qualifications as well as their ability to meet our stringent skills requirements and standards of conduct.

Background checks are commonly used to verify information on a candidate's application, but may also be used to judge character and fitness for a position of trust, as well as ensuring safety and security. More than 30 states have laws requiring background checks to prevent those who do not pass a criminal check from working in careers involving the elderly, disabled, or children.

State Requirements for Caregiver Background Checks and Security

Review your state's requirements for caregiver background checks and security.

Theft & Dishonesty Bonds

Employee theft and dishonesty bonds are a form of liability insurance purchased by employers to protect themselves and reinburse customer losses due to employee theft, dishonesty, or property damage. As with all reputable companies, 24/7 Caregivers' employees are bonded to protect both our company, our reputaton, and reimburse customers in the unlikely event of problems with a caregiver.

While we can never know what will happen, we take the performance of our employees, the safety of our customers, and our reputation very personal and make every effort to ensure our future will continue as problem free as our past years in business.

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