Cost of Caregiver Services

Charges for caregiver services vary according to the location, services requested, hours of service, additional support and any medical care that may be required.

When Jennifer realized her mom, Cari, wasn't eating because, "Well, cooking just seems like more trouble than it's worth", she started checking in on Cari every day after work. She soon decided Cari needed more than just daily check-ins.

The Nursing Home Option

The community room of the nursing home, the room where the residents spend their time playing cards or board games together, was as brightly lit as a beach in summer and totally empty. "It's always empty", the administrator said, continuing, "The residents generally don't care to socialize with each other."

Median State Care Costs

A cacphony of televisions and music could be heard blaring from a nearby hallway. An alarm sounded as if the building might be on fire. That was probably Mr. Phelps, suggested the administrator, explaining that he's one of the several residents with Alzheimer's and frequently confuses the nurses medication room for a bathroom in the hall. Eventually, the alarm was silenced.

Jennifer left the nursing home without bothering to look at the semi-private room she had been considering for Cari. A few days later her cousin Louise called, recommending her daughter Emily who had recently graduated from high school.

DIY Caregiving

Emily was a bright and well mannered girl who bubbled at the thought of taking care of her grandmother's sister, Cari; she had many fond memories of holiday visits to "granty Cari". The price was right and her heart was in the right place.

Jennifer and Emily quietly sipped tea as they worked out the schedule. When Jennifer mentioned laundry, Emily shyly asked, "You can show me how to do that, right? Mom always did that at home." When they talked about the menu, Emily admitted she had no experience cooking, adding, "Mom always did that at home." The conversation ended when Jennifer saw the look of panic in Emily's bright eyes as she mentioned Cari's toileting issues.

24/7 Caregiving provides fully qualified home care staff, trained in managing all aspects of caring for elderly, disabled, and recovering clients in their own home. Pricing is dependent on the client's chosen program for care and varies by state based on local economies. Rates are competitive and consistently lower than alternative care options.

Concerned about a loved one who is having difficulty at home but prefers to remain in their own home? Request a consultation to speak with a specialist who can help you understand your options and make the right decision for your family.