Caregiver Insurance Coverage

Personal and group medical insurance policies will not cover the costs of caregiver services. Medicare may cover some charges, but only for medical procedures requested by a physician.

Personal and Group Insurance

Standard medical and disability insurance policies do not cover home care services by a caregivers. Medicare may reimburse the cost of some medical services ordered by a physician and performed by a licensed nurse.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance was created to cover the costs of nursing home stays and most will not cover the costs of caregiver services. However, some long term care insurance policies may cover the costs of a caregive, though the policies usually have a lengthy exclusion period.

Some long term care insurance companes do offer policies specifically to cover caregiver services. Such policies have lengthy exclusion periods and will not reimburse for care provided by a family member.

Medicare Reimbursement

Medicare coverage may cover certain medially related expenses requested by a physician and performed by qualified medical staff through a Medicare approved home health care agency.

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