The Caregiver Relationship

Often, it's the seemingly small things that make the greatest difference in the life of another.

The Most Important Element

A caregiver is more than a personal assistant, a cook, or a housekeeper. Those may be the most obvious duties a caregiver perform, but a caregive is much, much more. A caregiver is also an educated professional who is able to lend a friendly ear, provide emotional support, compassion, and much needed companionship.


Periods of recovery, the loss of contact with friends due to limited mobility, and living alone after retirement can result in depression, especially for those who are accustomed to a more active lifestyle. Emotional support and companionship are often the most important elements among caregiver services.

Your caregiver is someone who will be there to listen without competing for voice time; someone to share a boardgame, a card game, or a movie. You caregiver will help you stay organized and accomplish every task you face as a good friend and a partner with common goals.


Your caregiver can be trusted to listen in confidence. Someone to share with, voice concerns, and turn to when you need help to alleviate frustrations. Caregivers are special people who take pride and find joy in helping others.

Do not expect a caregiver to be your wash lady, but do expect them to care enough to ensure you begin every day looking your best in clean and fresh apparel. Do not expect a caregiver to be your cook, but do expect them to worry about your health enough to ensure you have well planned and delicious meals that will promote the best of health.

Your caregiver is trained to understand both your needs and your limitations, helping you reach your goals with the least frustration. For most, it's more than a matter of training. It's their nature.

Concerned about a loved one who is having difficulty at home but prefers to remain in their own home? Request a consultation to speak with a specialist who can help you understand your options and make the right decision for your family.