Using a Caregiver Agency

There's great comfort in knowing that a trained and experienced staff is standing by, ready to handle any issue that may arise.

During Keith's first year of disability, he hired and fired more than a half dozen caregivers. He just couldn't seem to find someone he felt comfortable around.

When Scott's aging mother began having difficulties at home, he and his wife, Nancy, decided they could take turns stopping before and after work to check on her. That seemed fine, until they realized they wouldn't be able to take their kids camping anymore.

Linda's niece Jenny was the perfect caregiver and they were both very happy with their financial arrangement. Then Linda's accountant explained how much more she needed to pay in matching taxes, social security payments, and filing requirements.

For families that are unable to provide the care needed by a loved one, a caregiver is an ideal solution that can enhance the wellbeing of everyone. However, the process of identifying qualified applicants, interviewing prospective employees, managing payroll with local, state, and federal reporting requirements; meeting government training, certification, and continuing education requirements; and ensuring a backup person is available to cover days off and vacation time is best left to those with the apprpriate knowledge and experience.

Advantages of a Caregiver Agency

24/7 Caregivers fulfills the role of employer and manager so you and your caregiver can focus on your needs and the day to day aspects of the caregiver relationship. 24/7 Caregivers supports the hiring, training, and management of caregivers through:

  • Background Checks & Bonding
    For the optimal safety and security of clients.
  • Caregiver Matching
    Assures you and your caregiver are comfortable together.
  • Monitoring and Supervision
    To ensure performance standards are being met.
  • Education & Training
    Certification & Continuing Education meeting all state requirments.
  • Payroll Management
    Processing wages, tax reporting, and meeting government labor requirements.
  • Schedule Coverage
    Providing a backup caregiver when a primary caregiver isn't available.
  • Medical Support
    Professional medical assistance to support optimal outcomes as needed.

The primary purpose of a caregiver agency is to provide the back-office support needed to remove obstacles that may create friction between caregivers and their patients, thereby ensuring an optimal relationship and the best of outcomes.

At 24/7 Caregivers we take personal pride our ability to fulfill that purpose and view our role in the caregiver/patient relationship very seriously.

Concerned about a loved one who is having difficulty at home but prefers to remain in their own home? Request a consultation to speak with a specialist who can help you understand your options and make the right decision for your family.